Crystal Cathedral Hospitality And Visitors Center

Architect: Richard Meier & Partners, Architects

The building is located in tripartite arrangement in relation to the Crystal Cathedral designed by Philip Johnson in 1980, and the Tower of Hope and the Garden Grove Community Church, designed by Richard Neutra in 1966 and 1962, respectively. The resulting courtyard is a 25,000 square-foot outdoor room shared by the three buildings of distinctly diverse but compatible modern architectural expression.

Richard Meier & Partners Architects collaborated with Shaw & Sons to create exterior finishes selected for compatibility with the building’s architectural context. Embossed stainless steel panels and window wall components complement the mirrored glass of the Crystal Cathedral. Polished integral-colored concrete is used at the interior floors of the lower level café/atrium and first floor lobby, relating to the stone color of the adjacent Richard Neutra building and exposed aggregate plaza. The use of these materials creates a seamless spatial transition between the exteriors plaza and grand lobby.

Richard Meier and Partners has collaborated with you in the past in developing details, specifications and samples for challenging and complex projects. Fortunately, we finally had the opportunity to work with you on the construction of the Crystal Cathedral project. The seamless integration of the exterior exposed concrete aggregate with the existing campus hardscape and the highest quality polished concrete interior floor finishes is a result of the professionalism and ingenuity demonstrated by Shaw & Sons.

It was truly a joy working with you and I look forward to the next opportunity to collaborate on the highest quality architecture.

– John H. Baker Associate, Richard Meier & Partners Los Angeles